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About Us​

Polilya was established in 2017 as the home of the local craft brewery Engkanto but quickly grew to include an extensive list of cocktails and spirits. Aside from our exclusive Engkanto specialty beers on tap, we have mastered your favorite cocktails and have many of our own. Our bartenders are endlessly curious; behind our mirrored bar they are constantly creating new cocktails to satisfy your taste. Meet them just once and they will remember your name—and your preferred poison! Don’t worry, we have a food menu that rivals our beers and cocktails, for those who just want a casual bite. At Polilya, we have created a cozy and tropical space that feels like your funkiest Tita’s living room. Come in and make yourself right at home!


The Enchanted 8 Cocktails

There are times when we can’t decide between our favorite Engkanto beer or our favorite cocktail. We encountered this problem so often that we finally asked ourselves, “Why not have the best of both worlds?” Our mixologists quickly went to work behind the bar. They came up with eight unique cocktails, each with its own delicious brand of Engkanto magic. We called them the Enchanted Eight.

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